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Advanced Hair Technology LLC

Tulsa Hair Treatments, Hair Replacement and Hair Loss Specialists

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Advanced Hair Technology LLC's Logo

Advanced Hair Technology LLC

Tulsa Hair Treatments, Hair Replacement and Hair Loss Specialists

(918) 664-2480

Advanced Hair Technology LLC About Us

Advanced Hair Technology LLC is committed to providing a full range of personalized services to commercial and residential clients in the region.

Committed to Making a Difference

Certain concerns and technical issues can make or break your running business by interfering with the solid foundation of your everyday operations. That is why my professionalism offers customized solutions to ensure that your problems and worries at home or at the office are cleared up quickly; making a difference for you, your family and employees.

When you contact Advanced Hair Technology LLC you are not treated as a sales number or a one-time fee provider, but as a valued member of the local community. I seek to build an ongoing trusting relationship with my residential and commercial clients. I work hard to understand my customer’s requirements, budget limitations, and deadlines in order to provide an exceptional service that solves problems and stands out from the rest.

Advanced Solutions

Advanced Hair Technology LLC’s foundation is based on a set of core business values. I offer innovative solutions paired with old fashioned customer service.

Honesty and Accountability – Since the very beginning, I have based both residential and commercial relationships on trust and respect. I look forward to serving your needs and building a long-lasting relationship that provides you with sustainable services to make your home or business the best it can be.

Customer Oriented – I am in the business to serve you; I create solutions and service plans on your behalf. I take pride in resolving problems promptly to help your business or home thrive. Customer satisfaction is my number one priority.

Creativity and Innovation – I know that good service means bringing you the latest in technology and industry knowledge. I am a qualified technician that can carry out jobs of all sizes. I have received regular training upgrades and offer the most advanced industry innovations––carrying out the best work with the best tools, materials and know-how.

Collaboration and Inclusiveness – I believe that the best solutions come from open communication and collaboration with my residential and commercial clients. I am partnered with a full range of industries to ensure that you receive the best services from associated experts.

Passion for What I Do – Even the most knowledgeable service providers can’t compete with my excellence. My results stem from a combination of expertise and dedication. Keeping my commitment to excellence, I demonstrate collaboration, innovation and customer care.

The basis for my success as a reputable service provider starts with the first consultation. I am always happy to take on new clients and pride myself on maintaining long-lasting relationships with return clients. Call today or browse my website for more information. I am available to answer any questions or concerns you may have for your home or office. Call (918) 664-2480 to learn more.